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You don’t just join. You belong.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably expecting a few paragraphs about the history of the organization, our mission, vision, values and a list of reasons why you should engage with us. Well, you can still find some of that information at the bottom of this page. But before you scroll down, let us tell you what NEHRA is really all about.

We’re more than a list of member benefits. We’re a place where people at all stages in their careers come for connection. Whether you’ve just graduated from college, are building your career, looking for a change or want a place where you can give back, you belong.

We’re more than a group of HR professionals. We’re business leaders, front-line team members, suppliers and educators who happen to be HR professionals. The visibility and complexity of the HR function is higher than ever in today’s global business environment. If you’re looking for an organization who takes their responsibility to provide the resources you need, perhaps before you even know you need them, you belong.

We’re more than colleagues. We’re a community that celebrates successes and leans on each other in crisis. The relationships forged as a result of engaging with us offer the professional network every HR leader needs to be successful. Whether you’re looking for a mentor, the ability to connect  via our online portal or by sharing a cup of coffee at one of our in-person events (remember those?), you belong.

We welcome you to read more, and see if belonging to the NEHRA community would benefit you!


By the way, we were incorporated in 1986 and have over 2,600 active members. We’re a 501(c)6, nonprofit organization that currently employs 5 staff and engages dozens of volunteers and subject matter experts. Our office is currently in Concord, MA, but only for a few more months, when we’ll be working from home full time. You can see a list of the current board and staff on those respective pages. Check out our full list of member benefits. If you’re looking for something you didn’t find here, please feel free to reach out to us at info@nehra.com. Thanks for your interest in our community!

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